Discover your hidden treasures

You already have everything you seek but you do not know this because it is wrapped in shame. Shame is the feeling that part of you is unacceptable. Shame says that what is wrapped up in shame is terrible and must not be looked at. In reality, if you can unwrap the bundle of shame, inside it you will find a glowing, valuable part of yourself.

As a child you were completely wonderful, and you presented this wonderfulness to the world without thinking about it. Because you had imperfect parents, sometimes they struggled and suffered, and could not see you and reflect back to you how wonderful you were. At those times, the part of yourself that you were presenting was experienced as being rejected and was labeled as unacceptable. Without realizing it, you stored away an amazing part of yourself in a veil of shame.

As you unwrap these packets of shame in yourself, one by one, you will discover increased energy, empowerment, and enjoyment of life. The things you thought you had to pine after will be given to you automatically.

The first step in releasing shame is to notice when you feel shame. When you notice that you feel embarrassed or notice that you are trying to hide something, you can remember that it is an opportunity to release shame and recover an important lost part of yourself. Practice generating the courage to take the risk to reveal the part of yourself that you have been hiding. Present it to the person that you most want to hide it from. You are implicitly asking, “Is this lovable?”

This act of revealing your hidden parts is motivated by your deep desire to know yourself and to unconditionally love yourself. The very act of revealing a part is in itself validating and self-loving. Sometimes you may experience less than an unconditionally loving response from others, but usually you will be surprised by how accepting others are of these parts of yourself. You will soon find that these parts of yourself are actually your most valuable, lovable parts.