The rise of the new alpha leaders

According to my dictionary, the alpha is “the dominant animal or person in a particular group.” In the animal world, and the primitive human world, this is the one with the resources, often resources that were taken from others.

As we evolve, alpha has been changing, from physical dominance, to cognitive superiority, and increasingly to a new alpha characterized by social and emotional intelligence, clear intuition, innate morality, self-preserving boundaries, skillful use of information and knowledge, interest in sustainability, and altruistic care for the race and planet. Rather than being outstanding physically, cognitively, or even emotionally, the new alpha is outstanding due to the quality and integration of the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual parts of the self.

If alpha is characterized by the ability to get needs met, including food, shelter, medical care, friendship, love, and sex, then the new alpha is far more effective than the physical alpha or the cognitive alpha, not only in a deeply fulfilling way in the immediate term, but with increasing effectiveness over time. This is in a large part due to the new alpha being interested in increasing the wealth and wellbeing of all, as a synergistic contributor to the community and world.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this evolution is that, unlike the soon-to-be-extinct alphas, new alphas are mostly self-created. Whereas physical size and strength, intelligence, and trust funds are partly determined by ancestry, the characteristics of the new alpha are developed through a brave engagement with the adversities of life. And whereas old alphas, operating from win-lose mentalities, would strip resources from others, leaving them worse-off, new alphas produce increased abundance for all.

Rather than railing against the fat cats, we will take charge and show them a better way.